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    Reporter/Wang Xinyi

    Editor/Song Jianhua

Editor Song Jianhua

    Zhang Yan's daughter is 10 years old this year.

    Last February, since deciding to give birth to a child, unmarried mother Zeng Zhiqing began to learn laws and regulations to understand how to solve the child's household registration problem.

    Worries do not belong to her alone. A survey by Gao Biye, a postdoctoral student at the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, shows that "how to register children" is one of the most pressing and difficult problems facing unmarried mothers in China.

    On February 13, the news that "Beijing has allowed children born out of wedlock to register with their mothers" spread widely among the people. On March 4, Huang Xiaohua, deputy of the National People's Congress, made the proposal of "registering children born out of wedlock unconditionally" a hot topic at both conferences.

    Around the discussion of the policy of setting up children born out of wedlock, the group of women born out of wedlock behind the scenes has been pushed to the front of the stage. At one time, reporters repeatedly contacted several unmarried mothers, and found that under the impetus of multiple social factors, the problem of children born out of wedlock difficult to settle down has been loosened in many places.

    Zeng Zhiqing holds her daughter under one year old

    Children are the most innocent

    In November 2017, hospital urine test results showed that Zeng Zhiqing was pregnant. The unexpected arrival of her little life gave her the intention to marry her child's biological father, but then came the opposition of the child's biological father and family.

    When Zeng Zhiqing was four months pregnant, the man who had said "I will be a good father" and "I will try my best (persuade my family)" was brainwashed. He said to her crying, "Don't play any more", "The baby will love her father more in the future", and declared that this was his last visit to her.

    Because of polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian surgery, Zeng Zhiqing was told by doctors when she was preparing for induced abortion that if her child was aborted, it would be difficult for her to have a chance to have a baby in the future.

    The 25-year-old Guangzhou girl decided to have a baby. From that moment on, she began to check all kinds of laws and regulations to know how to deal with birth certificate, birth insurance, birth certificate, household, newborn medical insurance and other matters. As she writes in her article, she is "more and more sharpened by reality".

    According to the new edition of Guangdong Provincial Regulations on Population and Family Planning, which came into effect on January 1, 2016, "If the first child has not been registered for marriage, the marriage registration shall be ordered to be supplemented." The new regulations lessen the legal liability for children born without marriage re屈辱。For first-born children, only the relevant procedures are urged to be completed, and no social maintenance fees are levied.

    In this regard, Zeng Zhiqing said that "the new family planning policy has given me such helpless unmarried mothers a little more warmth, can feel the progress of society".

    In August 2018, two months after the birth of the child, she took the original and photocopies of birth medical certificate, birth certificate, household registration book and identity card to the police station where the household registration is located to apply for the settlement of the child.

    During the process, the police station staff asked her why she was separated from the child's biological father, whether they still had contact with each other, and asked her to fill in a manual and several instructions forms. She wrote in the brochure that she could not be separated from the child's natural father because of his personality.

    Looking back on the whole process of settling down for her children, Zeng Zhiqing felt that although there were "various inquiries and slightly different eyes", it was smoother than she expected. That morning, the child's household registration fell. In the afternoon, she went to the social security center in the street where her registered permanent residence was located to provide medical insurance for newborns for her children. In this way, part of the cost of hospitalization for pneumonia after birth can also be reimbursed.

    Among the four unmarried mothers contacted at one time, Zhang Yan of Suining, Jiangsu Province, was the first one to settle down for her children. In March 2013, she moved her household registration from the countryside to the county town after she bought a house with a loan from the county town. In October of the same year, the household registration of the 5-year-old daughter became a new page in the household registration book.

    "Without paying social support and looking for someone, they naturally went to their household registration. When the birth certificate was issued to the child, I did not fill in the father's information,



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